Mimest's technology, thanks to its possibility of application to different types of materials, the extraordinary freedom in the creation of shapes and the quality and resistance of the pieces produced, is able to meet the needs of different industries. In particular, those with the highest technological content, where precision and reproducibility go hand in hand with quality and safety.


Accessories for leather goods, components for watchmaking, eyewear, jewelry and luxury in general are now increasingly made with the techniques of MIM and additive manufacturing.

Mimest stands out in this sector for its ability to follow the development times of fashion, as well as for the high aesthetic value of the components and the possibility of supplying articles with all the necessary surface processing, thanks to the other companies of the group.


Components for orthopedics, orthodontics, surgical instruments, machinery, medical is the field in which Mimest was born in 2005.

The long experience in the processing and treatment of titanium alloys, as well as the reliability and the certified quality system are among the elements that make us a reference point in the industry.

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The possibility of creating special shapes ensuring maximum robustness and precision even in very small products means that the MIM technique finds wide application in the defense industry.

Mimest makes available to its customers also in this area its expertise in the use of materials at the service of the best mechanical performance, as well as the possibility of carrying out directly or through partner companies all the necessary mechanical , treatments or assembly processes.


Automotive/motorsport, aeronautics, telecommunications, consumer goods and micromechanics are all industries in which MIM is widely applied.

In general, all those industries that require small sizes, very high quality and resistance will find in Mimest a partner to rely on.